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The Social Network – review

The Social Network – viewed 10/8/10

The Social Network begins with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg alienating himself from one single friend, face to face, in a Harvard area bar…one…single…friend, his girlfriend.  He takes the damage she imposes upon him and flings it on the internet in a desperate act of revenge.  Throughout the course of the film he will go on to alienate a slew of friends, through mediators, lawyers, and especially online…none face to face.

Zuckerberg’s character doesn’t seem to be based totally on the real Mark Zuckerberg, and the framework for The Social Network also seems to be loosely based on the whole creation, and acquisition of Facebook in general.  Should we care that this isn’t a ‘based on a true story’ film? No.  Does this take away from the fact that The Social Network, is one hell of a great story, and great film.  Definitely not.

David Fincher is one of the true geniuses of modern day film-making.  Both he and Christopher Nolan(Inception) have created the two best films of the year so far, and The Social Network is just another notch in his consistent resume belt of perfection.  The film has the all the hallmarks of a Fincher film.  The dark smokey scenes, the tension constantly building, and Fincher has a way of bringing out this evil/innocent dichotomy out of his characters that no one else can.  Aaron Sorkin works his writing magic on the script, and even makes an appearance in the film, and Trent Reznor did the score for the film and is an interesting, and excellent choice, giving the film a much more ominous, doom-y feel to it.

Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland, Adventureland), is an outcast in the film.  He is shunned by the elite clubs of the Harvard scene, and retreats behind his computer every day with his blogs and his vast knowledge of computer programming and networking.  He has very few friends in the real world, one of which is Eduardo Saverin, played by Andrew Garfield, who puts his best performance up to date, next to Red Riding 1974, and will soon be seen stepping into the tights of the next Spider-Man re-do. Eduardo is the one true friend Zuckerberg has.  He would do anything for him, and is his partner in the creation of Facebook.

The majority of the film cuts flashback scenes together during two separate litigations. One being between Zuckerberg and Saverin in a dispute over ownership of Facebook, the other between Zuckerberg and and the Winklevoss brothers, who allege that Zuckerberg stole the idea from them.  Justin Timberlake makes an appearance along the way as drunken, party-boy, Napster creator Sean Parker, who wants a piece of the Facebook empire for himself.  Let the back stabbing begin.

Many cards are laid on the table throughout the film, and the balance of power shifts at a furious pace as the men drink and party to excess on the way to creating the greatest social networking site known to mankind.

In the end The Social Network, is about one man’s genius. A man created an idea that has changed the landscape by which we interact with people, meet people, and re-introduce ourselves to people.  It is the portrait of a man struggling so hard to create his own network of friends to accept him.  The Zuckerberg character could have sold out Facebook in a heart-beat, but for the majority of the film it was more about having this connection, creating a way for others to connect.

The film will be nominated for Best Picture this year, and it has a strong chance of winning.  I also see Fincher most likely winning Best Director this year as well.

Grade: A+