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Inception – review

Inception – viewed 7/19/10

Two things are certain.  Christopher Nolan is one of, if not the most, intelligent, creative forces working in Hollywood, and he also has to have a gigantic set of balls for even attempting to makeInception, which is an absolute masterpiece.  For a man that made one of the top grossing films of all time, I’m pretty sure the studio doesn’t even blink twice when he says he has a new idea for a film.

After watching the film I started trying to figure out how in the hell I was even going to review it.  That’s when I decided I can’t really tell you anything about the film, because I can’t spoil anything.  To even give you the main premise of the film would essential ruin it even.  The trailers forInception have had people scratching their heads wondering, “what is this even about?”  I can only explain to you that at it’s core it is a film about dreams.   It’s a film about living in those dreams and being able to share those dreams with others, and also about being able to live inside others dreams as well.  Now imagine the value of this.   Imagine the value of having this talent, and imagine how much that talent would be worth to someone, for the right price.  Imagine being able to infiltrate someones dreams, perhaps leaving an idea behind.  This is all can, and all I really want to tell you about Inception. I can also tell you this….go see it…immediately…it’s the best film of the year, and I don’t see any way that any film will be able to top it.

25% of you that see Inception will probably not understand it, another 25% of you will probably hate it because you can’t understand it.  It’s not for everyone.  Christopher Nolan’s breakthroughMemento seems like a walk in the park next to Inception, another film that you need to unravel like a ball of thread.  There are some seriously complex theories going on, and if you blink, or decide to fill that Coke up in the middle of the film, you’re probably going to miss something.  The film works like a complex maze of thought.  You need to follow the patterns in order to weave through its structure, and you’re gonna get a little lost and tangled up along the way.  That’s the real fun of the picture.  You almost have to interact with the film in order to decode its meanings.  The film takes movie going to another level.  You experience the film, you don’t just watch it.

On a filmmaking level, Nolan has forgone CGI enhancements in a time when it seems everything is CGI enhanced, in order to truly trick the mind into believing his films are firmly rooted in reality.  Honestly, the revolving hotel hallway fight is worth the price of admission on it’s own.

I can not stop thinking about the film.  It is mindblowing.  I think of the greatest films I have seen over the course of viewership and there is not doubt in my mind that I put it up there, especially of films in the past 20 years.  It works on so many levels, as a psychological thriller, a sci-fi film, an action movie, and an art film.  There is no doubt in my mind that Christopher Nolan will win some sort of Oscar this year for it.  The odds on bet would be best director, the lay-up would be best original screenplay.  With Inception Nolan has firmly cemented himself as one of the 10 best directors making films today, and he is slowly creeping up the list as one of the greatest directors of all time.
Many film critics have been bashing Inception.  They aren’t film critics I even pay attention to and for good reason.  To bash the film is to not really understand the film.  They’ve said that the characters are immoral and unlikeable.  The morality of the characters is at the forefront of the story for me.  They are trying to rectify the evils of their personal lives through the gifts they choose to use in yes, perhaps an immoral way.  The film is about an entire journey, and DiCaprio’s character Cobb is at the forefront of that journey.  He’s trying to work his way back home.  He’s trying to become whole again.  There will be countless essays, reviews, interpretations of the film in years to come.  It’s a film that needs to be seen more than once.  It’s a film that I walked out of the theater, and immediately made me want to watch it all over again.

Christopher Nolan has pulled off a truly amazing feat.  He has created one of the most original pictures I have ever seen.  He is a true artist.  The phrase “Kubrickian Masterpiece” was first being thrown around in some reviews in regards to Inception.  I’m not really sure I buy into this whole notion, and the only resemblance, or even nod to Kubrick is one scene that looks plucked straight from 2001. Besides, whats wrong with just having it be what it is.  A Christopher Nolan masterpiece.

Grade: A+