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Get Him to the Greek – review

Get Him to the Greek –¬†reviewed 7/5/10

The only reason I went and saw “Get Him to the Greek” is because the people who have seen it told me I gotta see it. The film has been out for well over a month has been getting tremendous word of mouth buzz, keeping it in theaters, and slowly pulling in almost $60 million dollars so far. For a rated R comedy that’s a decent chunk of change. I’m glad I listened to those people, because man, what a fucking fantastic comedy!

Rock star Aldous Snow, played by Russell Brand is washed up and his life is spinning out of control as he excessively drinks, does drugs, sleeps with as many women as possible and lives the rock and roll lifestyle. I’m betting it wasn’t much of a stretch for Brand. He is soon courted by label execs to hold a 10th anniversary show at the Greek which catapulted him to stardom. A terrible album helped sink that rising career not too long ago. It was Aaron Greene’s (Jonah Hill) pitch to label owner Sergio Roma (Sean Combs) that got the ball rolling, in an attempt to save a dying label. Roma then gives Greene the task of hunting Snow down and getting him to the Greek theater to play the show, a task he soon finds out is easier said then done.

Greene is pulled into the crazy life of Snow party after party after party. He sees that Snow is completely out of control and it soon begins to affect his relationship with his live in girlfriend, but Greene just can’t help himself because the party in this picture is waaaaayyyyy to fun.

“Get Him to the Greek”, which is a spin-off of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is scene after ridiculous scene of craziness and the humor level is constantly on the rise as it outdoes itself along the entire course of the film. Some of the scenes tend to run a little bit long as the creative juices are squeezed to the last drop out of the jokes, but these scenes happen in the first half of the film, and before you know it you are in way over your head. This picture takes rock star status to the next level. If you thought the riotous Vegas scenes in “The Hangover” were out there, just wait till you see the one in this pic.

The film has the humor nailed down, but what is still fresh is you’ve great some great moments with a lot of the characters and the relationships they are trying to deal with during this crazy time. Snow has a long tumultuous relationship with singer Jackie Q, played by a smoking hot Rose Byrne, and Russell Brand really shows that he has some genuine acting chops. He’s not just all absurd flashiness.

This along with “Hot Tub Time Machine” are easily the two best comedies of the year so far. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it.

Grade: A-