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Toy Story 3 – review

Toy Story 3 – viewed 6/30/10

When I was around six years old or so my family went to Walt Disney World for vacation. On the way back, somewhere along the way, I misplaced my “Underdog” stuffed animal. I begged my parents with tears to call the hotel and every McDonald’s play-land we passed through, in hopes that it would be there, but to no avail. I cried for weeks, and after watching “Toy Story 3” I can only imagine what my most prized toy felt leaving my arms for eternity.

The film opens with the main character Andy getting ready to go off to college. His toys from the first two “Toy Story” films have long since packed up in the toy chest, and it’s been years since they have been played with. Their biggest question is, “what will happen to us now?” Will they be placed in the attic to perhaps be pulled out again here and there, or maybe become toys for Andy’s kids one day? Or will they be thrown in the trash liked used up pieces of plastic?

They soon learn that they are accidentally given to a children’s daycare facility that seems to be the greatest thing in the world, kids to play with all day long! They soon realize that evil forces are at work within the daycare, and they’ll do anything they can to get out and back to Andy, but does Andy still really want them anymore?

Pixar has been raking in the cash hand over fist ever since the first “Toy Story” from all sorts of animated films, by this 3rd venture into the franchise you can tell, is very near and dear to their hearts, because they poured some serious love into it.

The animation is top notch as always, and the story just works on so many levels. There’s lots of great humor for both kids and adults, their is a great storyline at work here, and there are some great action sequences in the world of toys. There’s also a fantastic subplot story with the main villain and the climax was honestly terrifying, and moving at the same time to me. I was really blown away at the level of professional work pumping on all cylinders.

“Toy Story 3” is one of the most heartfelt films I have ever seen, and I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that I got a little teary-eyed watching the film, especially during the climax of the picture. It is really a story about growing up. We forget a lot of our childhood, we forget the toys we used to play with, the friends we used to have, and the memories we shared as children. We forget these things because we have to as we grow up and move on along the way, and “Toy Story 3” is a beautiful reminder of all those things.

I wonder where Underdog is now…sigh…

Grade: A+