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Iron Man 2 – review

Iron Man 2 – viewed 5/14/2010

Before walking in to Iron Man 2 I was expecting a big blown up film, with tons of action sequences giving the average movie goer exactly what they asked for. I thought for sure it was going to be an action packed comic book film ready to kick off the summer. What I was not expecting, and what I happily got, was a comic book film with some of the best dialogue I’ve heard from the genre, and a film that let Robert Downey Jr. do what he does best, charm his way into your graces.

What is interesting about Iron Man 2 is the majority of the film doesn’t involve lots of actions. The film really centers around Downey coming to terms with his mortality, even as what seems to be an indestructible super-hero. Underneath the armor and weaponry, he’s still a human being….a very rich one…with lots of cool toys to play with. Actually I would have enjoyed the film if there were no villain at all, just Iron Man being a badass playing with cool stuff, going off to foreign lands, impressing people, and then killing them. Now that’s a film!

The dynamic between Downey and Paltrow is kinetic. It is the backbone, and heart and soul of the film. The interaction between the two of them is frankly the best I’ve seen on the screen so far this year. Rourke is great as a scorned russian scientist out for revenge, and Sam Rockwell continues to prove that he’s one of the best actors out there today as Tony Stark’s competitor. The performances in the film are top notch, which has been the downfall of most comic book sequels…performance seems to fall by the wayside, but not this time.

Now does the film get a little ridiculous at times?…yes. Does it not always make sense?…yes. Do I give a shit?…no, because there are so many other great scenes, and really funny scenes (Tony’s bday party being the best) that it didn’t really bother me if everything doesn’t quite add up at times. The script by Justin Theroux and the direction by John Favreau is on point for the majority of the film. The film doesn’t run a little bit long, but it’s pretty well paced for the most part.

While Iron Man 2 isn’t as great as the first one, it is still one hell of a ride, and one well hell of a film for the comic book geek in any one.

Grade: A-