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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) – review

A Nightmare on Elm Street – viewed 5/1/10

Those who are going to be quick to bash the remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, don’t really understand the idea behind a remake. While the film offers nothing mind-blowingly new, and borrows the vast majority of its content straight from the original, it still seems to give off a fresh vibe to it, that any horror fan will enjoy. I mean, it’s not like we are re-inventing the wheel here….and yes Roger Ebert…I’m talking to you.

The film opens in a diner with a male high school student, attempting to stay awake with a cup of coffee. The waitress comes around, and ignores his pleas for more java, and right away we know we are in dreamland. The lights flicker, the countertops show off their grime, and the thick brooding music leaks out of the dolby surround. We get our first glimpse of Freddy who remains in the shadows for most of the film, and it’s a technique that really works. The young man is soon awakened by Kris, played by the smoking hot Katie Cassidy. He explains to Kris the man that is after him. The rest of the diner is packed with the high school students that will shape the rest of the film.

While the original followed the character of Nancy for the whole story, this new nightmare follows Kris around as the main character for the majority of the film, until Nancy takes center stage later on. It’s a cool little plot device that keeps the film from growing stale and boring halfway through.

Angst ridden teenager, after homecoming queen is knocked off in classic fashion until only two remain standing, and these two begin to unravel the mystery of who this man is, and why he is after them. Now one thing I actually appreciated about the remake is it kept true to some of the historic scenes that made the original so great, and just recreated them. Don’t fix what ain’t broken. The bloody body bag in the hall, the nine inch nailed glove coming up out of the bathtub, they’re all there plus a little more.

While our new Freddy, played by Jackie Earle Haley, lacks a lot of the personality and showmanship of Robert Englund’s Freddy, he does give off a serious pedophile creepster vibe that makes your skin crawl. This Freddy is a true monster, a demon, and there is nothing like-able about him.

In the end the remake of Nightmare is everything you would expect it to be. Its got all the scenes that will make you jump, and squirm, and look away, and it’s got a nice little plot going for it. It takes what was great about the original, and re-invents it just enough to make this one play fresh.

Grade: B