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Kick-Ass – review

Kick-Ass – viewed 4/21/10


Ebert called the film ‘morally reprehensible’, and ‘gratuitously violent’. While I have no problem with the violence, and bad language of ‘Kick-Ass’, or with 11 year old Hit Girl’s actions in the film (which includes dropping F-bombs, calling people cunts, and knifing dozens of hit-men to death), I do have a problem with the film being boring, mediocre, and completely inconsistent.

The film follows your average, every-day, plain teenager Dave. He wanders the halls of his high school as his fellow classmates pay no attention to him, and the ladies see right through him. He hangs out with his socially inept friends at his favorite comic book store, and dreams of doing something important with his life, stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight. This is when he has the great idea of becoming a super-hero named Kick-Ass.

He purchases a make shift costume and sets off on figuring out how to be a super-hero, and before he knows it he gets himself into a little trouble with some thugs. The altercation is caught on cell-phones, uploaded to youtube, and before you know it…bam! Stardom! Ah the power of the media.

Soon others get the idea of becoming super-hero’s as well. Especially a father/daughter team called Big Daddy and Hit Girl. Now this is where the film takes a turn for the worse. On one hand you have a film about a shy teen, learning to find his own identity, even if it means him being a lame super-hero. So far so good, and you could actually take that idea and roll with it the whole movie. You could have a small little indie drama/comedy on your hands. The problem is, with the introduction of our newest super-hero’s, ‘Kick-Ass’ all of a sudden becomes, or I should say, tries to become a real Super-Hero film.

Soon Hit Girl and Big Daddy are destroying all sorts of goons and villains (some of the most generic to grace the screen) in their path, and we learn about this long back story of how they came to be. The film becomes something entirely different, and loses the charm and basis for the first 30 minutes of the film.

From here on the film hits every cliche in the book, and becomes just another boring super-hero film. I will say this, even though Hit Girl has a mouth on her like a sailor, I felt she was the most interesting character in the film, and I actually thought about how great it would have been to just have a film that completely revolves around her. She’s got a great back-story, and she fucks some people up left and right in total kick ass fashion. There is a 10 minute scene near the end of the film that saves ‘Kick-Ass’ from being a complete disaster-ous let down. The film does have a pretty awesome pay-off, and it all revolves around Hit Girl.

Ultra-Violent, trash talking, ehh, big deal, but the boredom is just too much to take at times. Pick this one up on Netflix, save your 10 bucks.

Grade: D+