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The Gleaners and I – review – Film Comment #22

Film Comment – #22 – The Gleaners and I – Agnes Varda – 2000


Agnes Varda has been working within the French film industry, in various roles, for over 50 years. Her film “The Gleaners and I” is an ode to a different time in life when the world relied on people to gather food, working together. With the advent of machinery to do this, pickers or gleaners, have become individuals who no longer help each other to gather. Now gleaners gather the trash from the streets, and the fields in order to survive, working on their own.

The film is a documentary that is pretty much shot entirely on handheld digital cameras by Agnes. It’s entertaining, and extremely focused. Agnes interviews people who are homeless, she also interviews executive chefs, and common people who all glean in one way or another. Agnes even begins to pick from the streets as well, collecting chairs, and fruit that are cast off by others.

The world wastes an awful lot, but there are still people out there that can use the things that others cast off and cast aside. The film is quick, not overly heavy handed, and shot interestingly on a subject that isn’t really thought of or explored that much anymore.

Grade: B-