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Notre Musique – review – Film Comment #53

Film Comment – #53 – Notre Musique – Jean-Luc Godard – 2004

Say what you will about Godard, but he has been making films for 50 years, and he has always been doing it his way. He is one of the founding fathers of French New Wave cinema, and yes his films can be boring, pretentious, and confusing at times, but they can also be quite fantastic as well. “Notre Musique” seems to fall somewhere right in between.

The film is broken up into three parts 1) Hell – opens the film and is a very short montage of clips that show war, famine, and some of the most violent images around. They are followed by a voice-over from a woman who will become the main focus of the rest of the film.

The film continues on 2) Purgatory – we follow the female from part one as she interviews various filmmakers, scholars, theorists, etc. Some of these parts of the film don’t really seem to add up, but it’s more of a free floating film from this point on. It reminded me a lot of Linklater’s “Waking Life”, in which people question man’s existence in the universe. The film sinks deeper and deeper into these questions of man’s connectedness with fellow man, and disconnectedness mainly through the differences in language and social status.

The film finishes with 3) Paradise – it is also quite short and follows our female narrator once again, after she was murdered during a peace demonstration. No one speaks, and she walks amongst the trees and on the beach.

The film is heavy handed, but it’s also quite intellectual as well, and if you’re in the mood for something extremely though-provoking, then you may enjoy it, but this one is definitely for film buffs.

Grade: B