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Goodbye Dragon Inn – review – Film comment #23

Film Comment #23 – Goodbye Dragon Inn – Tsai Ming-liang – 2003

Imagine a film in which no one talks, no one does anything out of the ordinary, there’s no music involved, and there is also no camera movement, just still shot after still shot, and the plot revolves around a few patrons in a cinema on the last day it is open, and you will have the most boring piece of shit cinema ever, or what I like to call…”Goodbye Dragon Inn”

I’m serious. I want to know who the fuck thinks up shit like this, shoots it, and then enters it into film festivals. We watch people sit in a movie theater watching a kung fu flick as they eat popcorn annoyingly. The other plot point involves a lady drinking some sort of green concoction and eating what looks like a gigantic Hostess Sno-Ball that she pulled out of a crock-pot. The camera just cuts to scene after 30 second scene, and then the films over, and the cinema closes.

I seriously do not get it, and I promise you i’m not missing it. It’s not as if… well you don’t understand the artistic nature of the film… no it’s a fucking boring piece of shit. I would rather watch “Fat Girl” three times in a row than watch this ever again. The director should be put in a straight jacket and have their eyes pried open like in “Clockwork Orange” and have to watch their own piece of garbage over and over….”make it stoppppppppppp!!!!!!”

Grade: F– (yeah that’s two minuses)