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House of Mirth – review – Film Comment #66

Film Comment – #67 – House of Mirth – Terence Davies – 2000

This should of been called the “House of Yawn and Boring”. I think I’ve only enjoyed one period piece ever, and that is “Barry Lyndon”. Every other period piece bores the hell out of me. I get it, everyone was stuffy and snobish in the late 19th century in England, and no one liked you. I don’t like watching you on film either. Oh it’s based off an Edith Wharton novel too, which just screams excitement. I just found out they made this film three times?! Are you serious?! Good lord…

Gillian Anderson is actually quite good though, as a socialite who is looking for a husband, well not actually looking, but enjoying the fact that so many men are after her. She is the talk of the town, and doesn’t exactly follow the social norms of the time as she courts multiple men. She’s a gambler, and a little bit of a slut it seems also. Her ways soon catch up to her though as she goes deeper and deeper in to debt. She cannot repay those debts to her family and she is soon disowned. She is offered help by men who have courted her in the past, in exchange for her hand in marriage, she however continually refuses. She’s a strong stuffy woman I guess with pride. It must be hard to be a woman during those times.

Look the set designs are great, the acting is pretty good, but man stuffy, boring, turn of the century melodrama…yawnnnn.

Grade: C-