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Hot Tub Time Machine – review

Review – Hot Tub Time Machine – 3/28/10

I honestly do not feel that i’m going out on a limb when I say that “Hot Tub Time Machine” is the funniest movie since “Old School”…because it is. One of my favorite genre’s is 80’s comedy. It is hard to do 80’s comedy well. It is even harder to do comedy at all well nowadays. HTTM is fresh, yet doesn’t forget it’s 80’s roots from films like “Sixteen Candles”, and “Better Off Dead”, two Cusack classics.

Does it really matter, that it doesn’t make sense, that four guys are transported back in time via a hot tub? No, it doesn’t. It’s just the mechanism for some seriously outrageous comedy. Adam (Cusack), Lou (Rob Corrdry “Semi-Pro”, and “Blades of Glory”), Nick (of “The Office” fame), and Adam’s dorky nephew Jacob (Clark Duke who was in the highly underrated “Sex-Drive”) are transported back to Winterfest 86′ at Kodiak Valley Ski resort, the home of the guys fondest memories of their young adult lives., when all they cared about was getting laid and drinking as much as they possibly could.

The question is, would the 20 year old me leap forward in time and kick the 45 year old me’s ass for becoming everything I’ve vowed not to become? Well i’m hoping not, but for these guys it’s not the case. At first the guys decide they need to do everything exactly the same in order not to interrupt the space-time continuum, thus altering history, and perhaps the very existence of young Jacob. Well what fun is that? If i got to go back in time, I’d be like fuck it. I’m gonna make this work out for me, and this is when the movie starts to get really fun.

I can’t really go into more of the outrageous moments because I really don’t want to ruin it for you, because you need to go see this film.

There are some fantastic cameo appearance, Chevy Chase as the hot tub repair man, Crispin Glover as the one-armed bell-hop, and look carefully for Karate Kid bad-boy Johnny Lawrence in a fantastic gambling scene which….



…basically makes “Hot Tub Time Machine” fucking awesome for altering the 1986 AFC championship game between the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos, allowing the Browns to stop the infamous “Drive” and become AFC champs, in which i’m sure they eventually go on to win the Super Bowl. Helllzzzz Yeahhhh!



“Hot Tub Time Machine” is completely ridiculous and over the top, but it embraces this, and that’s what makes it so great. Before you know it you’re 40 years old and you’ve forgotten where the time went. Relationships change, lovers come and go, people and places move, and all of a sudden those best friends you had aren’t such good friends after all. HTTM helped four guys remember how close they once were, and how much life they had within them.
Grade: A-