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La Commune (Paris 1871) – Film Comment #45

Film Comment – #45 – La Commune (Paris 1871) –Peter Watkins -2000


I cannot begin to tell you how painful it was to sit through this movie. I would have rather watched “The Blind Side” four times in a row, because that’s how many times it would take to match the length of this boring-ass piece of history. The film clocks in at over 5 and a half hours.

The film is shot documentary style, and attempts to re-enact the lives of Parisians in the late 19th century. Listen I got it in the first 15 minutes. It would have sucked balls to live in Paris around that time. Everyone is dying of disease. No one has any money. The military owns your ass, and you’ll probably end up dead by the time you’re 40, if you’re lucky. Guess what you don’t need to beat it into my head for over 5 hours. The film is also shot in black and white which adds to the boredom.

I understand what they are trying to do with the film. They’re trying to show a realistic portrait of the times by interviewing people that would have lived in that era. I get it, that’s great, it’s still fucking boring. I don’t know anyone who would have the passion, or want to sit through this. It’s historically accurate I guess, I’ll give you that, still doesn’t mean anyone would want to watch it.

Grade: D