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The Crazies – review

The Crazies –¬†viewed 2/27/10


“The Crazies” is a remake of George Romero’s 1973 classic of the same name, and is in the rare class of remakes that are actually better than the original. The film opens in the middle of a small farm town in Iowa. The townsfolk have gathered together to watch a local high school baseball game. You can tell everyone knows everyone as the sheriff, and the funeral director, and the local principal, among others, banter about the meager on-goings of the town. The film immediately jumps into the action soon enough, and never stops.

One by one the citizens of the town become infected by some sort of virus. The sheriff, played by Timothy Olyphant, along with his wife, a doctor in the town, and his deputy, begin to try and unravel what exactly is going on in the town. Before they get to deep into the cause, the military is sent in to take control of the situation. Family members are divided amongst those with symptoms of the virus, and those without it. Soon it is every man for himself.

Pacing is key in the film, especially in a horror film. The film grows more and more tense as people try to get out of the city, and avoid the military, and the crazies themselves. You get a real sense that these people are actually fighting for their lives and everyone is out to get them. They can’t trust anyone, perhaps even themselves.

Timothy Olyphant, has slowly become one of my favorite actors in Hollywood. Most of the time he plays a villian, but in this case he straddles the line between the hero of the town, and a man hell-bent on saving his family at all costs. He really put the film over the top for me, and is a great actor.

“The Crazies” is definitely a horror movie that gives you exactly what you would expect, except it soon turns into this strange horror/road movie that I really didn’t see coming, and that is what pushes it over the top to be a truly great horror flick. The film soon becomes, not so much about the crazies running around, as it is about a government, civilian conflict. Sure you’ll get some great gory scenes of destruction of the crazies, but paranoia is the true main character of the film, not the crazies themselves.

“The Crazies” has it’s fair share of jumping out of your seat moments, but doesn’t rely on them. It also steer’s clear of cheap humor, and quick one-liners in the film. This really keeps you involved in the ever-present danger around every-corner. If you’re a fan of horror films, this is a definite see in the theater, and for everyone a definite DVD rental once it hits the shelves.

Grade: B+