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Cache – review – Film Comment #16

Film Comment – #16 – Cache – Michael Haneke – 2005

PhotobucketMichael Haneke is another guy that I either love or absolutely hate. I could not stand his film “The Piano Teacher”, a sado-masochistic thriller about a boy and his piano teacher, and I thought “Funny Games” is one of the most hyper-violent, abhorent films I have ever seen. “Cache” however is his best film. This is definitely a film that should be watched, and rumor has it Martin Scorsese is planning a re-make. 

The film begins with a long establishing shot of the outside of an apartment building. We soon realize that we are watching a videotape that has been sent to a couple living in the apartment. The couple continues to receive video tapes in the mail at home, and at work. They are always just long scenes of them going about in life. They also begin to receive violent childlike pictures, and even their young son receives postcards at school of the drawings. They go to the police to no avail, and soon search out on their own to find out who is doing this.

The film soon becomes not so much about the vide tapes as it is a deconstruction of a marriage, and an examination of how the demons of the past will catch up to you. It is a fantastic look into paranoia, and the need for explanation, and it does it quite well. The tapes make this married couple examine their lives, and their past as well. The videotapes soon become the answer for every problem they are, and have ever had.

There is no music used at all in “Cache”, the viewer has nothing to guide them as to when they are supposed to frightened, or feel suspense, or perhaps be in on the joke. It is an interesting way to frame a film, and while most films couldn’t really operate without a score behind it, “Cache” does. For those wishing to jump into the foreign film game, this could be a good place to start.

Grade: A-