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The Intruder – review – Film Comment #9

Film Comment #9 – The Intruder – Claire Denis – 2004


It’s hard to say what “The Intruder” is really about. On the surface it is about a man, Louis, who needs a heart transplant, who is estranged from his son. He knows nothing about his son’s life, but wants to make sure that if he passes away, everything he has will go to him. It seems to be a touching film on the surface, however, we soon learn a lot about the man who needs a new heart, and he may not be the nicest guy in the world.

Louis lives a secluded lifestyle with his dogs in the frozen wilderness. He avoids most human beings at all cost. He does have an affair with another dog-breeder, and a pharmacist, but keeps them distant in his life. There is also a strange sub-plot where he may or may not be a murder, perhaps working for the mob. He has to come up with the necessary money for the new heart, and he wants to make sure it’s a young heart, young enough to live a new life. The film is really about this alienation that Louis lives his life in. Now that he is near death it makes him think about his past and the world that he lives in.

The film is based on an auto-biographical essay by French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy and was directed by Claire Denis, best known for her films “Chocolate” and “35 Shots of Run” which also made Film Comment’s best of the decade list. Denis uses a very surreal style of film-making wear reality seems to be subjective. It is a very interesting way to make a film and I think it really works out. I can say that I think “The Intruder” is a very good film. I think it is made with a unique vision and in a unique way. Unfortunately I just didn’t enjoy it that much. So I think it’s one of those rare occasions where I appreciate the film, but it personally didn’t do much for me.

Grade: B-