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The Blind Side – review

The Blind Side – viewed 3/6/2010

There is one reason and one reason only that the “Blindside” was nominated for an Academy Award, and that is so teary eyed housewives will tune in to the 82nd Academy Awards. The film is not even in the same league as films such as “Inglourious Basterds”, “Up In the Air” and “The Hurt Locker”, and frankly I feel it is just taking up a slot for some underrated films this year such as “Moon” and “500 Days of Summer”.

I wish the Academy Awards weren’t televised at all so that the Academy didn’t feel the need to cater to the average Billy-Joe and Mary-Anne Sue down the street that go to the movies twice a year. Oh that “Blind Side” sure looks like a hum-dinger Billy-Joe, I reckons we should go put on our pertiest clothes and have us an afternoon out at them pictures ummm-huhhhh (enter Sling-Blade sound effect). It is ridiculous to me that this film, and that Sandra Bullock are nominated for an Oscar for this film, and it is all for the sake of TV ratings. Which by the way if you don’t know…they unfortunately pay my salary. A Catch-22 if I’ve ever seen one. Ok before this becomes a diatribe on the poorly constructed decisions of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, lets get on with the review!

The film tells the true life story of Michael Oher, who now plays for the Baltimore Ravens. He is a kid from the projects that is enrolled at a conservative christian school, recruited by the football coach there. He carries a plastic bag, with his one extra shirt with him at all times, sleeps on a friends couch, because his mother is a crack addict, and collects half-eaten bags of popcorn after basketball games to get by. He is soon taken in by a prominent rich white family and offered a place to stay. The film starts out very promisingly as we follow Michael through his mis-guided youth. He is misunderstood by everyone, and blocks out everything just trying to get through the day, but all of a sudden after he is taken in by his new family all is forgotten, and forgiven except for a few small scenes. We totally forget about the terrible things he had to endure as a child, and instead start to rip off one liner after racist one-liner about “how that big black boy sure can football”, and “oh my goodness aren’t you afraid he’s gonna steal something from you rich white folk?”.

The film jumps into ridiculous territory, where at one point Sandra Bullock’s character calls the football coach during a game to give him advice on how to coach Michael…what?! The film soon becomes reduced to an ABC family movie of the week jumping at every attempt to solidify itself as the feel good movie of the year. I was waiting for commercials for “The Secret Life of an American Teenager” to pop up at any moment so that I could go to the bathroom and then get a popcorn refill. Even from a technical aspect it looks like it was shot for TV with its closeup pauses after a “pivotal” scene, and it’s mediocre football shots.

“The Blind Side” isn’t a terrible movie, but it isn’t a particularly good movie either. Some parts are ridiculous and laughable, and the parts that do have merit are abandoned for some sure fire laughs, and gasps from the audience. Oh I’m sure all of you out there will say, “Scott you’re heartless. It’s such a great story of the human condition.” While I’m not arguing with you that the story is a fantastic story, it unfortunately is presented to us with this ultra-shining pretty package and ribbon tied around it, and doesn’t truly get any depth of this so called human condition at all. If you want a true story of human condition, go see “Up In The Air” right now, which for me (and I don’t want to give anything away here) was devastatingly heartfelt. To retell a great true story, doesn’t mean shit if it’s not done well.

Grade: C-