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Children of Men – review – Film Comment #59

Film Comment – #59 – Children of Men – Alfonso Cuaron – 2006


“Children of Men” was my 6th best picture choice in 2006, and my #46 best picture of last decade, and I know some of my other movie blogging friends rated it even higher that year. It is Cuaron’s masterpiece. A realistic portrayal of a not so distant future in which the world no longer has the ability to bear children.

Clive Owen plays Theo Faron, a one time activist that has all but given up on the human race, but when he is soon approached by his ex-wife to help transport a girl with a big secret, things soon begin to change. He is to help escort her to the coast to meet with people who are working on “The Human Project”, a project that may or may not exist, who’s goal is jump start the human race. He has help along the way, but it’s questionable who can and can not be trusted.

“Children of Men” is extremely tense throughout, as the danger becomes more and more prevalent along the way, and it leads up to one of the great one camera action shots in the history of cinema. I wonder how many takes it took them to capture it, cuz it is certified bad ass!

The big thing I really loved about “Children of Men” is that it plays like a realistic science fiction thriller without over thinking what the future may look like. Cuaron doesn’t get caught up in the Sci-Fi angle.

Grade: A-