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Y Tu Mama Tambien – review – Film comment #57

Film Comment – #57 – Y Tu Mama Tambien – Alfonso Cuaron – 2001


Alfonso Cuaron is one of the most talented, underrated directors of the bast decade. It blows my mind that I have never seen this film, but have somehow seen almost every other Cuaron picture. While it isn’t as good as his masterpiece “Children of Men”, or even his vastly underrated depiction of “Great Expectations”. Hell even his Harry Potter is the best one!, “Y Tu Mama Tambien” has some really fantastic moments nonetheless.

To me the film can be described as a hyper-sexual, coming of age, spanish language “Jules and Jim” for the new millennium. We follow two rich kids as they say goodbye to their girlfriends, sending them off on a plane to Italy. They drink, smoke, do drugs, and do as they please. One day they run into a beautiful Spanish woman, married to one of the boys cousins at a wedding. We soon find that the womans husband isn’t the most faithful of men, and she soon agrees to go on a trip with the two boys to a secluded beach they claim to know about. The tension grows between the three as the two boys eat candy and chips like little children, but claim to be experienced men in bed. The woman challenges this notion.

“Y Tu Mama Tambien” can be quite sexually explicit and graphic in some scenes, making the viewer feel a little uneasy. A narrator cuts in at certain moments explaining what will unfold in the future for some characters, breaking the tension. It is a very interesting technique that really reminded me of early french films from directors such as Truffaut and Godard in which this always seems to happen. It is a coming of age film into a sexually explosive world.

Grade: B