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Gerry – review – Film Commment #74

Film Comment – #74 – Gerry – Gus Van Sant – 2002


When I first heard about the premise of “Gerry” it sounded like the most boring film ever. Two guys, both named Gerry, go on a hiking trip. They end up getting turned around and become lost in the desert. Great an hour and forty minutes of Casey Affleck and Matt Damon talking about inconsequential bullshit as they find their way back to the highway, all while directed by the heavy hand of Gus Van Sant. What I was given though, was completely the opposite.

The film starts extremely humorous. These two idiots get lost in the desert, which now that I think about it would probably happen to me. I don’t have the greatest human compass within me. So they start trying to back track and soon find themselves deeper into mountainous territory. They begin to scale the mountains to get a higher view point and perhaps see where there car is, but to no such luck. They travel deeper and deeper into the desert and things become not so humorous any longer.

Van Sant shoots some truly spectacular wide open range shots, along with some great time elapsed shots with clouds spilling out over into the sky. I’m not really sure why I was so intrigued with the story, but I know it definitely had something to do with this. This isn’t going to be for everyone. There is very little dialogue, and some very long straining shots of the two of them in the desert. I believe it was a little hidden gem in a pile of garbage that I’ve had to sift through so far.

Grade: B+