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Blissfully Yours – review – Film Comment #39

Film Comment #39 – Blissfully Yours –¬†Apichatpong Weerasethakul – 2002

As I’m writing this I am still trying to figure out what “Blissfully Yours”, the third film by A.W. on this list that I have reviewed, is about. Like “Syndromes and a Century” the film begins in a doctors office with a young man who is being treated for some sort of rash or perhaps skin disease as his skin is literally peeling off. From there the film moves on as he and his mother and father go to the market and do daily routines. Soon the man is picked up in a car by a young female. This is 45 minutes in to the movie, and this is when the opening credits actually begin to roll.

I will say this A.W. has an interesting way of playing with the idea of how a film is to be presented to the audience. Are we to believe everything from before this point is not actually part of his film? From here I believe the film jumps in to some very heavy handed nature vs. nurture arguments, but again i’m not really sure.

The man and the women continue to drive until they reach a jungle, they then hike deeper and deeper into this jungle continually having oral sex at different locations, we then flip to the man’s parents who also happen to be in the jungle, and they are having sex in some bushes? What? The mother then comes and finds the young couple laying by a river and just stares at them for a while. The couple then goes further into the jungle and has sex again. There are bunch of scenes that i’m sure are meant to mean something about eating of the tree of fruit in eden, baptism in the river, and the man representing the serpent as his skin sheds, again I think. The final scene is of the young man with his cock in the young womans hand. Ok….

It is at this point in my little experiment that have begun to question why I took on this challenge to begin with. Was it to see shit like this, and make me think, “wow…that’s so deep.” I hope not. I was hoping to find some diamonds in the rough. So far, not so much. I enjoyed A.W.’s film “Syndromes and a Century”. I thought it was an interesting way to frame two halves of a film, with the exact same content in two completely different ways. Working backwards in his catalogue though I’m not so sure about what he had to offer before that film.

Grade: D-