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Last Days – review – Film Comment #93

Film Comment #93 – Last Days – Gus Van Sant – 2005


Gus Van Sant has always been hit or miss for me, especially with his low budget indie films; “Elephant” being the best, and this, “Last Days” being probably the worst. We follow around a character Blake who obviously is playing a fictionalized version of Kurt Cobain during his, yeah you guessed it, last days.

I’m gonna run through the movie for you real quick here. Blake walks around muttering to myself, while other loafers chill in his mansion in the woods. Sometimes they play rock music around him, but Blake ignores them and dodges all of them, dodges phone calls from his wife and manager and plays in the woods for 97 minutes. This could be the most boring movie I have ever seen in my life. Yes I’m sure when Kurt died his last days were like this, very boring and dull. I wanted to shoot myself at the end of the film out of sheer boredom.

I will never understand why people think movies like this are good. Oh it’s so avant garde, and realistic. There’s a reason I watch films and thats to escape the boredom of reality at times, not to be thrust into someone elses boring life. Don’t watch this movie, please

Grade: F