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The Host – review – Film Comment #71

Film Comment #71 – The Host –¬†Boong Joon-ho – 2007


After that last piece of garbage “Fat Girl”, I really needed something funny, and over the top, and “The Host” does not disappoint. The premise of the movie doesn’t really make sense, but I really didn’t care honestly. It begins with a coroner ordering an employee to dump formaldehyde down the drain, which then empties into the Han river. This then causes mutations of the life in the river, and soon giant water fish, lizard, creature things are running all over the place eating human beings…which is pretty fucking cool.

We follow a family that owns a small concession stand after their daughter was captured by one of the creatures. All of the blame is placed on the father, Park, for losing her. He’s very absent-minded and childish, and his ways have finally caught up with him. This however, could be his big chance to re-deem himself.

There are plenty of great humorous moments in the film with lots of Asian people running around and over-reacting in classic Godzilla fashion. Scientists and the police chase after the people that they deem infected as well, in great slapstick fashion. The director really plays with embracing the monster film, while still having his film firmly routed in reality, and it plays as a great thriller as well.

So far this has been the most purely enjoyable film to watch for me, and with all of these intellectual foreign films on the list, it’s quite interesting that it is actually on here at all. I can’t really say that “The Host” is one of the best films of the past decade, but it is a really entertaining film. Definitely check it out if you have Netflix on demand.

Grade: B