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Fat Girl – review – Film Comment #78

Film Comment #78 – Fat Girl (A Ma Soeur) – Catherine Breillat – 2002


“Fat Girl” is about two young girls vacationing together. They are very different girls. One of them flaunts her promiscuous ways (even though she is a virgin), while the “fat girl” hides her virginity in the hopes that she will one day find a stranger to take it from her, and get it over with. We follow the girls around as the promiscuous one finds the right man for the job, a summer romance from Fernando, a very sexually desirable man of the town.

The film attempts to explain how sex is interpreted in society and at what age sex becomes consensual. What defines sex, how do youth define sex? At one point in the film a girl declares anal sex as a pure proof of love…even though it hurts really bad. I’m just going to ruin the ending right now for you, so that you don’t have to see this piece of shit. The “fat girl” eventually gets raped by a complete stranger even though she denies the rape, being happy that she got this “virginity” issue taken care of.

“Fat Girl” is a piece of fucking garbage. It made me physically ill at times almost, and always uneasy the entire film. I got no enjoyment, and found nothing worthwhile about the film at all, except that kids nowadays are really fucked up, and get themselves into situations that they can’t control, and that they don’t understand. Also that adults are fucked up too, taking advantage of children at will in the film. It is a disgusting loathsome film, and it blows my mind that it would even be considered for this list.

Grade: F-