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Film Comment #5, 7, 19, 32, 41, 46, 68, 79, 81, 91

Film Comment #5, 7, 19, 32, 41, 46, 68, 79, 81, 91

I have already previously written reviews for the following films on the Film Comment list. Here are those films, along with my ratings and links to the reviews.

#5 – There Will Be Blood – A+ Number 3 on my list

#7 – A History of Violence – A+ Number 7 on my list

#19 – The Royal Tenenbaums – A+ Number 22 on my list

#32 – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – A+ Number 11 on my list

#41 – 2046 – A+ Number 2 on my list

#46 – The Hurt Locker – A Number 5 pick of 2009

#68 – 25th Hour – A+ Number 23 on my list

#79 – The Departed – A+ Number 13 on my list

#81 – Donnie Darko – A+ Number 15 on my list

#91 – Gran Torino – A- Number 10 pick of 2008

Film Comment End of Decade Critics Poll – Best Films

Film Comment’s End-Of-Decade Critics Poll

Over the past month or so I’ve been posting some top films of the decade and
year lists, giving my thoughts on some of the films that I have enjoyed over that
time frame.
Recently Film Comment came out with a critics poll for best films of the decade.
Now while I claim to be a film enthusiast, I can honestly say of the 100 films on
that list I have seen…only 35 of them. The majority of these films are foreign from
different markets around the world. I love foreign films, there is something
mysterious about them, and it is quite interesting to see something created outside
of the US market. These films are made in a different way, and they need to be
seen in a different light. Now that is not to say that every foreign film has this
special quality.
Honestly I’ve seen some of the foreign films on this list and I couldn’t really tell you
why they deserve to be on it. Others I have and they do deserve to be on it.
I am going to set out to watch every film on the Film Comment’s End-of-Decade
CriticsPoll to see what I’ve been missing. I’d like to say,I could watch them from
number 100up, but some of these films are still not available in the US, or have
yet to be released near me. (Michael Haneke’s, “White Ribbon #100)
So I will have to pick and choose along the way, and along that way I’ll blog about
eachfilm and attempt to understand why those films have been placed on this list
to begin with. Now I’d also like to think I could do this in 100 days…probably not
going to happen. 150 days, I could probably do that.
Also current reviews of new movies will still continue on my site so I’ll need to
think about that in my timeframe also. So let the viewing begin.