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Wendy and Lucy – review – Film Comment #86

#86 – Wendy and Lucy – Kelly Reichardt – 2008


Maybe if I was a dog lover and enjoyed pets more I would understand, or even care about this movie. We follow Wendy and her dog Lucy as they basically sleep in their car, beg for change, and bother people. Wendy soon loses her dog and a very nice security guard, who actually has a job, helps her out by telling her where a local shelter is that the dog may be at. Wendy has problem after problem, as her car dies, and she doesn’t have enough money to repair it, and is kicked out of the parking lot she sleeps in too.


My biggest problem with the movie is that we never get any idea whom Wendy is. We never learn why she is living in her car, or why she doesn’t have a job, or why she has her sights on heading north. That may have made me care a little bit more about her plight. Instead I just wanted her to get a job and stop pouting the whole time, friggin depressing. What I really wanted to learn about was the security guard. Here is a nice guy that works outside of a Walgreens, but he probably has some great stories to tell. I would have liked to see more of a bond between her and the security guard, and at least some back story on her. By the time the movie was finally over I wanted to scream “It took you 80 minutes of screen time to figure this one out?!”


Film Comment said that the director, Reichardt has “…beyond question established herself as one of the independent American masters…” Really? I haven’t seen her other movies “River of Grass” and “Old Joy”, but if they are as slow, boring, and honestly unmoving as “Wendy and Lucy” I’ll pass.


Grade: – D+