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Distant – review – Film Comment #54

#54 – Distant – Nurgi Bilge Ceylan – 2002


‘Distant’, or ‘Uzak’ is a turkish movie (I can’t really say I’ve seen lots of turkish movies before) that deals with a photographer who has recently been divorced. His cousin soon asks to move in with him as he looks for a job. Everything is well and good at first but the men soon get on each others nerves pushing each other to the brink of madness almost, with their annoying ways.

The film’s main character is distance, as the film suggests. Their is this distance that grows between the photographer and his cousin, his ex-wife, and even within himself. There’s a great scene where the photographer is sitting with some friends talking about his photography and how he has begun to give up on it. His friends exclaim, “How could you! I thought you were going to be the next Tarkovsky!”. In the very next scene he is sitting watching Tarkovsky’s “Stalker” (I’m pretty sure it’s this movie), with his cousin. His cousin soon goes to bed and he immediately pops in a DVD of porn. It’s as if he has to say I’ve given up on what I once thought was important, now I just do what I want. I do photography for money now, not for the artistic integrity of it.

His cousin also has his issues as he pretends to look for a job, but basically walks around town stalking women on the train, in the park, in a mall, wherever he can basically, to fill up the day and pretend he’s looking for a job.

‘Distant’ is a film about loneliness. It is about a man who probably once had a lot of potential in his youth, but turned his back or gave up on a lot of things as he got older, or perhaps just got lost along the way. It does at least have some nice slices of humor throughout as well making it a pretty enjoyable pic to check out.

Grade: B