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Crazy Heart – review

Review – Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart –¬†viewed 1/04/2010 

crazy heart

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that when Oscar nominations are announced in a few week Jeff Bridges will be nominated for best actor, and he will go on to win the Oscar as well. He is nothing short of amazing as singer/songwriter Bad Blake in “Crazy Heart”.

“Crazy Heart” at first seems to be a story about a washed up country singer and this years “The Wrestler”, but over the course of the film I felt it was completely the opposite. It is a film that is more about the road and a singer that has given his life to the road, and to the music he has created over the years. He still has devoted fans, its just some of them have been lost along the way, along with his popularity. Bad Blake is still a showman in every way, even when he plays at a bowling alley somewhere in New Mexico. It is really a story about someone never growing up, and doing the same things he’s been doing since he was 20 years old, but time catches up with every man.

Bad cares about only three things in life; his cigarettes; his whiskey; and his guitar, which he polishes and keeps in perfect condition (a kick ass Gretsch Chet Atkins). He mentored a young rising country star, Tommy Sweet (played by Colin Farrell who once again shows us he can’t act), but the good times have passed Blake by, but he knows he’ll be on top again one day. Tommy never forgets the start Bad gave him, but for some reason there still seems to be a bit of bad blood between them. He soon falls in love with a young reporter, (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, who once again shows us what a great actress she is). This is nothing new to Bad who has obviously been enjoying the rock and roll spoils his whole life, leaving four ex-wives in the wake of it all, but there comes to be a strong connection between the two of them.

“Crazy Heart” is such a fantastic film because A) Jeff Bridges gives probably the best performance of his career as the somewhat damaged, but charismatic Bad and B) because he takes us on that journey on the road with him. You live with him, you drink with him, and you listen to his fantastic tunes along the way. And the songs really are fantastic, written by T-Bone Burnett. And when he hits rock bottom, you’re stuck there with him too.

“Crazy Heart” is easily one of the best films of the year, and was easily one of my favorite films of the year as well.

Grade: A