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Jimmy Gnecco – The Heart – review

Jimmy Gnecco – The Heart


I don’t do enough music reviews on this site, so I’ve decided to change that.

Jimmy Gnecco is the lead singer of the truly great band Ours.  It is one of the most underrated bands of the past decade and Jimmy has one of the most powerful and captivating voices out there. Mercy…Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy, was one of my favorite albums of 2008 and was a triumphant return for the band.  That’s why I was so excited to see them that same year at the great Chicago venue, Martyr’s.

The live show however left much to be desired.  While the band ripped through the majority of their set, it seems that Gnecco enjoyed the sound of his own voice too much, frequently carrying songs on for a few extra minutes as he sang acapella or felt the need to hold notes on for extreme amounts of time.  This happened so often that it started to make me uncomfortable at times….this is exactly what you get from his first solo album The Heart.

The Heart is one of the most excessive acts of over-indulgence I have ever heard.  Somehow Gnecco manages to make 3 minute long songs feel like they are actually 6 minutes long.  You can only imagine what the 6 minute long songs feel like.  He starts off the album great with the singleBring You Home, an almost campfire like acoustic sing-a-long ballad, but after that it seems his over-indulgent behavior gets the best of him with sparse acoustic ballad, after sparse acoustic ballad.

The album clocks in at 15 songs and almost 60 minutes of this stuff.  It’s enough for even the most devout fans to want to take a razor-blade to their wrists after a while. (I’m not sure if that’s his goal or not).  I understand what he was attempting to do, make a moody acoustic album, and there are glimpses of that on songs like Days, These Are My Hands, and even the some what upbeatGravity, probably the only other three tracks that really jump out on the disc.  The rest of the songs just fold into themselves and sound exactly the same.  Cutting 5 of these songs out would have done wonders to the album. Let’s hope he gets it out of his system and gets back to what he does best, rocking.

Grade: D+