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American Reunion – review

in 1999 American Pie changed the landscape of high school humor on the big screen.  It attempted to showcase a more graphic version of what happens to kids in high school, especially with regards to sex.  Two sequels and a number of spinoffs later lands us 13 years after the events of the original film in American Reunion.  The premise of the film is kind of ridiculous.  The same gang from the first film is putting together their 10 year high school reunion…13 years after they graduated?  This is the beginning of a long line of things i don’t buy, or even get in the film.  With Facebook and all the other social media sites out there, you’re telling me that you guys couldn’t get a 10 year reunion together until 3 years after that date?  I have people from my high school planning my 15 year reunion 2 years in advance, I’m pretty sure you could have figured it out.

Here is what commences over the course of the next 90+ minutes, through dialogue given by pretty much any character.

“Remember when…”, “Uh remember when…” “Hey guys remember that time…”  “My god we are so old…”  “I guess things don’t turn out the way you plan all the time…” “Uh dudes remember when…” “I’m the Stiff-mesiter…”.  Rinse, wash, repeat.

The film spends the majority of its time rehashing the past, and giving us excuses to why all of the characters have grown up boring, lame, or have not lived up to their potential.  Guess what?  That’s life.  It sucks.  If I wanted to be depressed I would have just stayed at home and lamented about my own life for an hour and a half.

Jim and Michelle are now married with a two year old.  Chris Ostriecher grew up to be a sports announcer and a huge dbag that was on a Dancing With the Stars like TV show.  Stifler grew up to do nothing but live with his mother.  Finch supposedly traveled the world and lived with pygmies, and Kevin grew up to be the most whipped and lame of them, all as he sits at home and watches Real House Wives and What Not to Wear with his wife every weeknight.

The whole gang hangs out and gets in to the usual absurd trouble ,while waiting for their reunion to finally take place. (The actual reunion at their high school is the only saving grace of the film)  They realize they are so much different than they were back in high school, but maybe still a little bit the same.  Awwww shucks…you don’t say!  The worst part about American Reunion is that it’s not the least bit funny.  It’s focused more on throwing as many characters from the previous films on to the screen, and attempting to put together some half-ass plot along the way.  Pick up a book and save 10 bucks and almost two hours of your life.

This is a film that shouldn’t have been made.  Reunion films, and sequels of this nature are extremely hard to pull off, and Reunion doesn’t even begin to come close.

Grade: D