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Meek’s Cutoff – review

Imagine that classic game you played as a child, The Oregon Trail, comes to life on the screen, and that’s basically what you’ll be getting from Meek’s Cutoff. The film is one of those films that was technically released in 2010, making its rounds on the international film circuit, but didn’t see an official US release until 2011. 

It stars Michelle Williams as Emily, a woman who is helping to lead her family to the west.  Her husband Solomon and her are strong, smart people, which is the opposite of the others that are traveling along with them.  The entire group is led by Stephen Meek.  He is a frontier guides-man that promises the family he can lead them safely to their destination.  It becomes apparent quite soon however, that Mr. Meek may not have a clue where he is going.  This puts the travelers in a lot of danger, or implied danger along the way.

Not much danger or action is to be had until they come across a lone Indian.  They have no idea what to do with him but capture him, and keep him hostage as they continue their travels.  Some of the group believe they would be better off killing the Indian, while others think that he may be able to help them find water, and get back on track.  He follows them around while pretty much nothing happens the rest of the film.

Michelle Williams is a fine actress, as is Paul Dano who makes an appearance here, but they didn’t really need to do much acting.  They just have to look sad, and confused a lot of the time which doesn’t really highlight their skills.

I have no doubt that the journey along the Oregon Trail was a hard, and perilous journey that many people died upon.  I’m sure that many tales happened along that journey as well, as settlers where on their way to finding a better life for their families in the west.  I’m also betting it was a really boring trek as well, judging by how absolutely boring this film is.  It is a chore to get through.  Nothing really ever happens, and all we see is dirt and dust along the way.  This may be an accurate and realistic portrayal of that journey, but it’s not really told in a fashion that I want to watch.  Come to think of it I would have rather just played The Oregon Trail, then sit through this.

Grade: C