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Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros – Here – review

One word pops in to my head halfway through listening to the new Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros album, and it’s an unfortunate word…Forgettable.  Their 2009 debut Up From Below was stacked full of memorable jangle pop, hippie folk rock, a genre that I normally find sloppy and overrated.  40 Day Dream, Om Nashi Me, and of course Home were just a few of the standout tracks on that album, and nothing like them is found anywhere near their sophomore effort Here. Oh I know I know, it’s suppppossseddddd to be that way brotthhherrrrrr.

ESATMZ brought back the forgotten sound of the 60’s travelin’ band lifestyle and free spirit of hippie love, and made it relevant again.  You couldn’t change the channel or surf YouTube without being hit with Home from somewhere in the media space, but their new album sounds more like an exit strategy from that sound.  The album sounds as if it was made around a campfire late at night, and while that sounds intimate and relaxed it is something else you get around a campfire, boring and lethargic.

I had a hard time picking any song out from the rest of the songs on the album.  Child, Dear Believer, I Don’t Wanna Pray, Simplest Love, they all sound the same here.  ESATMZ attempt to make a stripped back tight album backfires here. Up From Below ran a little bit long whereas Here doesn’t even hit the 40 minute mark.  I can appreciate that, but only because it makes the album end sooner.

They may be rebelling against the sound that made them famous over the past three years here, and that’s the worst part about the album.  That rebelling gave us what sounds like a second rate Jefferson Airplane album.  I cannot stand when bands abandon a sound, A GOOD SOUND, that made them popular, and struck a chord in people.  We’re rebelling against the corporate machine maaannnn.  Oh, you mean the machine that sold buttloads of records for you?  Easy to do that now isn’t it?

Grade: D