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10 Best Comic Book Films of All Time

There are a ton of great comic book films, Sin City, The Avengers, Watchmen, American Splendor, Spider-Man 2, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and Hellboy are just a few films that barely missed this list.  These however are my 10 favorite.

10. A History of Violence

Graphic Novels technically count as comic books.  This is David Cronenberg’s masterpiece as far as I’m concerned.  A man hides from and loses his entire identity, only to unravel his own past in one hell of a mystery.  Dark, twisted and expertly done.







9.  Batman

Like the original Superman, Tim Burton’s original Batman restored faith that a comic book film could be done right.  Nicholson, Keaton, and Burton gave it their all, and gave us this  gem.  The slew of comic book films was just about to start blowing up.








8.  The Crow

Director Alex Proyas big screen imagining of James O’barr’s dark comic book series, is one of the best to ever grace the screen.    A very dark tale of revenge.  The film looks outstanding.  The soundtrack is probably the best of any comic film, and Brandon Lee was fantastic in the title role.  It was a tragedy that we lost him so young.








7.  Blade

It was actually hard for me to choose between the original Blade and Blade II to put on this list, but I think the original one just barely beats out the sequel.   Vampire movies have been around forever, but this is one of the best.  The blood raining down on all the techno vamps as they dance to New Order cements this as one of my favorite comic book films of all time.







6.  Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. is the man, and his portrayal of billionaire, alcoholic playboy, Tony Stark took Iron Man to the next level.  He is the essence of cool.  Director John Favreau did a hell of a job with this one.









Poster shows a big X, within which are the faces of the film's main characters, and in the centre the film's name.5.  X2: X-Men United

It is a very rare feat for the sequel to a comic book film to be better than the original, but X2 does the job.  Director Bryan Singer does an amazing job of taking a gigantic cast of characters and creating such a well crafted film.  That’s not an easy thing to do, and is the downfall of many a comic book film.  Not here though.








A man in a batsuit spreads his legs while looking down. Tall skyscrapers extend above and bats fly around him.4.  Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan’s re-imagining of the Batman franchise is exactly what the comic book film industry needed.  A realistic portrayal of one of the most beloved comic book hero’s of all time.  It’s not only a great ‘comic’ book film, it’s also a great film in its own right.








3.  Superman

This is the one that started it all.  It was hard to conceptualize how a comic book could come to life on the big screen in the 1970’s.  Superman took everyone by surprise and catapulted a gigantic franchise.  It also paved the way for every comic book film to come.  It stands the test of time, and is the Godfather of comic book films.








2.  Spider-Man

As a kid my comic of choice was Spider-Man.  I knew everything about him, and I read every comic that came out that he was involved in; The Amazing Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man.  Sam Raimi was able to capture the allure of all those comics with this gem.  It’s so unfortunate that he ended up ruining it with Spider-Man 3, and someone felt the need to re-boot the series with The Amazing Spider-Man







1.  The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan solidified his place as one of the greatest directors of all time with The Dark Knight.  He is able to make the comic book film genre believable.  His direction is flawless.  The script is flawless.  The action is flawless.  The film is flawless.