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Silent House – DVD pick of the week

We last saw Elizabeth Olsen in a breakout role in last years Martha Marcy May Marlene, where she played a confused and troubled runaway who gets involved with a cult.  Her performance was amazing, and helped her get away from only being known as the Olsen twins little sister.  This time around she plays Sarah, a young adult who is helping her father and uncle pack up the old house she grew up in.  The house is of course extremely old, large, and pitch black inside.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be very scary now would it?

Sarah frightens easily, and begins to hear things in the old house.  She asks her father to look in to the noises, but he thinks she is just being paranoid.  When he finally appeases her but doesn’t come back, is when Sarah begins to really get scared.  She soon begins hearing more noises as she searches for her father, and now she notices that someone is lurking in the house as well.

Silent House begins as your everyday, run of the mill, horror film.  It’s been done a billion times before.  An old spooky house with a young girl trapped inside, chased by a killer.  Sarah is trying to find out what happened to her father and find a way out of the house, which is inexplicably locked up at every turn.  She tries to avoid capture by hiding under beds and tables, holding her screams.  She begins to discover clues throughout the gigantic house that may answer all her questions.

Silent House morphs into something more than just your run of the mill horror film that you think it’s going to be and that sets it apart, making it just entertaining enough to feel fresh.  The film was directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, who’s last film was Open Water which I completely forgot about, but terrified me greatly.  Silent House, which is a remake of a Uruguayan film, feels very claustrophobic just like Open Water.  The film is presented in one continuous take, much like Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope, and was shot entirely on Canon EOS 5d camera’s.  That’s a digital point and shoot camera.  It gives the film a dark grittiness, so dark that at times it’s almost impossible to make out what’s going on.  That actually adds to the suspense though.

Silent House thrives on the performance of Olsen who makes the film more than just watchable, something that it may not have been given another actress.  It keeps you thinking throughout the course of the film as a psychological thriller as well.  This a nice little rental if you’re a fan of the genre.

Grade: B-