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Premium Rush

Joseph Gordon-Leavitt has been operating in the zone for the past few years.  The guy can do no wrong….except when films he’s in are rushed out to the box office to cash in on that wave.

The film is written and directed by David Koepp.  Just one look at his IMDB page shows some serious hits in Hollywood as either writer or director…this is not one of them.

Premium Rush attempts to be the Pulp Fiction of bicycle films, jumping back and forth in time during the course of six hours or so in the same day.  Gordon-Leavitt plays Wilee, a bicycle messenger in New York City who lives off the Rush of one speed, no brakes, forgoing taking the bar and wearing a suit and tie all day.  He lives off the adrenaline!

One day he is asked to deliver a letter that contains something very valuable, and also very dangerous.  He has no idea what is in the envelope, but soon realizes the importance when cop Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon) demands he hand it over.  Well he can’t do that.  He does work for a security deliver messenger service after all.  Once it goes in his bag it doesn’t come out until it reaches its destination.  Unfortunately Wilee soon realizes that Monday will do anything to get it from him.

Dania Ramirez, plays Vanessa, Wilee’s love interest in the film.  She also happens to be the roommate of the person who handed Wilee the package to be delivered.  We learn more about this package and the people involved as the film progresses, but as that happens I could think of about a dozen reasons off the top of my head why that package should never have been entrusted into Wilee’s hands to begin with…which kind of throws the entire premise of the film out the window.

One scene in the film actually stood out right at the beginning, and showed how Wilee visualizes the decisions he’s going to make on his bike.  He can see ahead of time and see the routes that are going to lead him to safety or lead him to crash.  It was awesome the first time I saw it…but not the four other times I saw it mapped out.  Their are some cool chase scenes, and it looks like a lot of effort was put in to showcasing biking in rush hour traffic in busy NYC.  Those scenes are about the only saving grace of the whole film.

The film suffers from a pretty weak and cheesy script, and I’m not talking awesome cheesy like Rad, Thrasin, or Airbone.  Three films that defined adrenaline cycling and skating…and no I haven’t forgotten how awesome Kevin Bacon was in Quicksilver either.  Even Gordon-Leavitt, who is awesome in pretty much everything, has a hard time making this something it’s not…a watered down action flick.

Grade: C