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10 Best Films of 2007

Ahhh yet another year, and a lot of great films were released, but these were my 10 favorite of 2007.

10.  King of Kong – A Fistful of Quarters

The fact that I’m addicted to video games puts this high on my list of favorite films this year, but if you look beyond that you realize what a fascinating tale this is.  Breaking high scores.  Heroes and Villains.  Fascinating
















9.  Once

It actually took me maybe three times of seeing this film before I understood the impact it has.  It’s a fascinating story about how musicians work, as well as being a great story about how two people affect each other.

















8.  La Vie En Rose

Marion Cotillard’s Oscar wining performance of French singer Edith Piaf is heartbreaking.  It’s one of the great bio-pics in cinema.  Her performance easily puts this in my top 10.

















7.  American Gangster

Biographies of drug kingpins and crime lords have always intrigued me, and it doesn’t hurt that Denzel does what Denzel does, and Ridley Scott does what Ridley Scott does best.  Entertaining and well crafted.



















6.  Zodiac

David Fincher can do no wrong in my mind.  This is one of the most unique story-telling visions about a serial killer ever to grace the screen.  Constantly keeps you guessing.


















5.  300

Zack Snyder is a powerful young voice in cinema.  His remake of Dawn of the Dead took me by surprise, and 300 is one of the most original and unique films of the year.



















4.  No Country For Old Men

The Coen Brothers strike gold again, and bring this Cormac McCarthy novel to the big screen.  It is a meticulous film.  Dark and twisted.


















3.  Juno

Jason Reitman is showing that he’s not just Ivan Reitman’s kid, and is two for two backed by a witty script from writer Diablo Cody.  The acting is great, and it’s a hilarious film.



















2.  Grindhouse

I may be one of the only people that was really blown away by this Tarantino/Rodriguez ode to grindhouse cinema.  As soon as I was done seeing it I immediately wanted to see it again.  So entertaining, and spot on.



















1.  There Will Be Blood

There are very few times that I am speechless after a film.  This is Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece.  The joy of films like this is that they stay with you far after the film is over.  You think about them.  You contemplate them.  And this one ranks high in my favorite films of all time.