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10 Best Films of 2006

10.  Rocky Balboa

Say what you will about the last Rocky film to come out.  This one brings it back to its roots.  It’s a well written, great little indie flick, and Sly should be proud.


















9.  Notes on a Scandal 

Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett are absolutely fantastic in this film, proving that we don’t grow up, we just get older.

















The movie poster shows the family featured in the film chasing a Volkswagen Microbus. The title of the film is located above the vehicle. From left to right: the mother (wearing sunglasses, a white long-sleeve shirt, and pink pants) is in a running stance behind the vehicle, the son (wearing a yellow short-sleeve shirt and black pants) is pushing the vehicle, the uncle (wearing a pink short-sleeve shirt, a white long-sleeve shirt, white pants, and has a black beard) is in a running stance, the daughter (wearing a red headband, red shirt, blue shorts, and glasses) is near the open door of the vehicle, the grandfather (wearing a white t-shirt, a black vest, and gray pants) is seated in the vehicle reaching for the daughter, and the father (wearing a red t-shirt and sunglasses) is driving the vehicle and looking back at his family. The poster has an all-yellow background and, at the top, features the cast's names and reviews by critics. The bottom of the poster includes the film's credits, rating, and release date.8.  Little Miss Sunshine

Dys-functional families are at their finest in the this warm-hearted indie darling.


















7.  V for Vendetta

Vengeance in the form of comic book flair.  This is one of the best comic book films I’ve ever seen.  Looks fantastic, and a great script.

















Children of Men Poster6.  Children of Men

Probably the most realistic post-apocalyptic film I’ve seen.  Riveting, and enthralling.  The last hour of this film is pure gold.

















Thank You for Smoking Poster5.  Thank You For Smoking

Probably one of the best debuts from a director in a long time.  Jason Reitman has a bright future in front of him.

















4.  After the Wedding

Riveting from beginning to end.  You think you know what the film is about, but it keeps getting deeper and deeper, surprising you at every turn.  Susanne Bier is pure genius here.















3.  Inland Empire

In my mind one of the most important films since Pulp Fiction.  David Lynch shows you what he can do with a limited budget, and equipment you could purchase yourself.  THIS is what directing is all about.

















2.  The Departed

Scorcese is finally going to get his Oscar for this multi-layered, Boston cop drama.  Twists and turns.  One of the best from this master of cinema.

















1.  Pan’s Labyrinth

A disturbing fairy tale told from the point of view of a young girl trapped during the Spanish Civil War.  Visually striking and heartbreaking.  It’s easily the best film of the year.