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The Raveonettes – Observator

It’s about four in the morning on a Saturday and I can’t sleep, so I figure it’s probably the perfect time to pop on The Raveonettes new album Observator.  Their last album Raven in the Grave was one of my favorite albums of last year, a perfect blend of lo-fi dream pop and washed out reverb hooks.  It set the perfect habitat for an album to live inside of.

Observator is the Danish bands sixth album in nine years, so turning out product doesn’t seem to be a problem.  I’m not familiar with their first few albums, but this one seems like such an extreme from their last one that at times I wonder if I’m listening to the same band.  The album is not as concise as Raven in the Grave and lacks the strength of songs like Apparitions and Summer Moon.  That’s the biggest problem with the album.

Observator starts strong with Young and Cold, which I hoped was a prelude of things to come.  The next song Observations is a step in the right direction, but the album drops off becoming pretty unfocused at times in songs like She Owns the Streets, and Downtown.   Just because you’re part of this lo-fi sound movement does not mean that you need to be lo quality as well in your song-writing.

Observator is all over the place jumping from dark and moody, to knee jerk punk pop from song to song.     After one spin through the nine song 31 minute album, you feel like a manic-depressive who lost your meds for a few days.  It almost delves too deep into the dark pits of the soul, and there’s nothing to really bring you back out of that except some weak attempts like The Enemy.  The highs are too high and the lows are way too low.  Sinking With the Sun along with You Hit Me (I’m Down),  are the highlights of the album, reminding me a lot of why I love the band to begin with, and sounding a lot like the 90’s band Lush and even The La’s.  This is what I was hoping for, but it’s not really what I got.

The album as a whole is very short, and when you make an album that short you need to be pitch perfect at every angle.  Observator is not.  It is a another piece of The Raveonettes culture, but unfortunately it lacks the best of it.

Grade: C