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Tame Impala – Lonerism

My first listen at Tame Impala had me placing them somewhere between Swervedriver and late 60’s Beatles psychedelia.  The first listen through the whole album made me surprised how well it flowed all the way through.  It was over before I knew it, and I immediately wanted to put it on repeat to see if it holds up through multiple listens.

Mind Mischief sounds like mid-70’s Wings straight down to the McCartney-esque verse vocals, same thing with Music to Walk Home By.   By this time I’m trying to figure out if they’re trying to work in the entire Beatles sound catalog, complete with solo projects.  I’ve heard literally hundreds of bands try and emulate these sounds, but at times I’m absolutely astonished at how close Tame Impala comes to actually sounding like them.

Elephant is my favorite track on the album because it standouts the most on its own.  It’s the one song that I could play over and over and over.  There is a great vibe on this album but I think it does have a very slight flaw.

The only minor problem is that sound doesn’t evolve that much over the course of the album.    You start to get a re-tread of the same songs that the album began with.  So while it is a quick listen, it also has a little bit of a problem holding up through a fifth or sixth listen.  There are a couple of great songs that stand out, and the album is really well done as a whole, but

This year has been a great year for Australian bands, with The Jezebels having one of the best albums of the year, and now Tame Impala following suit with a really solid album here.   I’m being really picky, but it’s only because I think this band is capable of a whole lot.   I haven’t heard there debut, but I may have to pick that up after this release.

Grade: B+