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Taken 2

The first Taken was one of those films that I expected absolutely nothing from and ended up loving.  It seems a lot of other people felt that way as well garnering a sequel.  The original was a whip smart tale of vengeance.  You take Liam Neeson’s daughter and force her to be a slave in a sex ring? You pay, and everyone around you pays too.  It was a film that was entertaining from start to finish. Plain and simple.  Taken 2 however, is the exact opposite. A boring, tired tale that we’ve all seen 100 times over.

This time around the families of those that Bryan Mills killed want revenge.  They are coming after him and his whole family to capture them and bring them to the graves of those he killed.  There they will make them suffer for what they did.  The problem is that there is no justice in what they seek.  They are sadistic thugs that attempt to justify their motives through more violence.  This makes for a completely flawed and ridiculous plot.

The film takes place in Istanbul right after the events of the first film.  Bryan is working on a security job and invites his estranged wife and daughter to meet him there.  His ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) is having problems with her husband and decides to take him up on the offer, bringing Kim overseas with her for some relaxation…aahhhh.  Kim of course is completely fine after basically losing all sense of self in the first film.  “Oh that sex scene slave ring? I completely forgot about that! I’m totally fine now.”

Once the bad guys find out the whole family is in Istanbul they make their move, capturing all the family members except Maggie who is warned by her father. “Maggie listen to me closely.  They’ve found us, and they will take us. Hide in the closet….where they’d never expect to find you…or they will take you.”  Just the beginning of the stellar dialogue that makes up this script.

What progresses is an extremely boring, cliched film, with outlandish driving and fighting scenes, mostly spurred by a 16 year old Kim played by an almost 30 year old Maggie Hughes.   Everything is watered down in Taken 2 which is the complete opposite of what made the first one so good.  There’s no fun in this one, and it just plays as tired and old.  Producer and writer Luc Besson is cashing in here.  Plain and simple.  Even fans of the first film should stay away from this one.

Grade: D+