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Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln has Oscar tattoo’d all over it.  I have no doubt it will probably win for both best picture and best director, and most likely best actor as well.  Daniel Day Lewis does a phenomenal job as always here.  It’s a great film that tells the story of one of the most important men who has ever lived, during one of the most important times in US history.  It follows the blueprint of pretty much every bio-pic that has received critical acclaim in the past few years (Ray, Walk the Line, etc.).  The filmmaking is nothing new here.  Spielberg knows how to make a great film, and make it entertaining as well.

The film follows Lincoln during the Civil War as he’s trying to abolish slavery.  He’s trying to get the 13th amendment passed, changing our nation forever.  It’s obviously not an easy feat.  The film is really about how he must get house of representative members on his side in order to get the amendment passed.  It’s an interesting look in to the political landscape of those times.

Daniel Day Lewis plays Lincoln as a stern President, but also a loving father and husband.  I’m always amazed by his ability to completely transform himself in to whatever character he plays.  There are lots of other great performances in here as well.  Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, David Straitham, Sally Field, and James Spader especially, all excel in their respective roles.   Those are just the main characters I remember off the top of my head.  There are a ton more.  Spielberg is able to control  all these characters in order to give them equal depth within the film.

The film is not without it’s bits of humor, which is necessary to eleviate the hefty subject matter that the film is really about.  It’s probably the most well-balanced film of the year, and is paced perfectly as well.  Again…it’s all Spielberg here.

I personally don’t think it’s the best film of the year, but I do think it is one of the best.  Only because it’s not very original, and originality for me should be the main hallmark of a great film.  It is entertaining from beginning to end though, and sometimes that’s all that’s necessary.  It does have the distinction of being able to tie both critics and the masses together.  This is something that is extremely hard to do, and for that Spielberg should be praised.

Grade: A-