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The 10 Best Films of 2005

10.  The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Judd Apatow directs a perfectly balanced film between complete humor and heart felt drama.  It’s a hard task but he knows how to to do it here.

9.  Munich

Spielberg is known for his grand blockbuster’s, but he’s also known for his critically acclaimed dramas as well.  Either way he makes a perfect paced espionage thriller.

8.  Havoc

A film about the lives of rich, bored LA kids trying to score drugs and entertain themselves.  The script was actually written by Steven Gaghan who also wrote and directed Syriana.  An interesting take on high school life.

7.  Crash

Intersecting stories about racial tensions in L.A. make this one of the more important films this decade.  Great performances but a ton of great actors, a great script, and near flawless direction.

6.  Syriana

Clooney shows major range as CIA operative Bob Barnes.  A very complex film that is hard to follow at times, but a great story of espionage once you are able to connect the dots.

5.  Brokeback Mountain

Ang Lee shows that he is truly one of the great directors in Hollywood here.  He deals with very touchy subject matter, and Jake Gyllenhaal and especially give unbelievable performances.

A man in a batsuit spreads his wings while looking down. Tall skyscrapers extend above and bats fly around him.

4.  Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan is now showing that he may be the most importantly film-maker making films this very moment.  He takes the comic book film to another level. He makes it an art form here.

3.  Match Point

I would have never thought this was a Woody Allen film unless I saw his name on the credits at the beginning of the film.  He builds perfect suspense with just the right touch of irony.

2.  Sympathy For Lady Vengeance

Next to Wong Kar-Wai, Chan Wook Park is the most important modern Asian language film-maker.  Park finishes his vengeance trilogy with the story of Lee-Geum Ja.  A woman wrongly convicted of murder who sets out to seek revenge.  Violent yet poignant.

1.  A History of Violence

2005 was quite the year for violence in films.  David Cronenberg in perhaps his finest hour.  I’ve always been a huge fan of his very unique style of film-making.  He does it to perfection here in the most intriguing film all year long.