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10 Best Films of 2003

10.  21 Grams

21 grams is supposedly the weight of the human soul.  The film attempts to understand the intersecting lives of multiple characters through examining their addictions, passions and pains.  A brilliant piece of film-making.

9.  Lost in Translation

Sophia Coppola has truly stepped out of her fathers shadow here.  The film examines the mid-life crisis.  Bill Murray gives the performance of his career in a modern day 8 1/2

8.  Big Fish

Tim Burton shows that he’s not done making great films with a modern day fairy tale.  The film looks absolutely amazing and is a fantastic tale of a lifetime love affair.

7.  Bad Santa

99% of Bad Santa is just plain wrong.  I don’t think anyone else but Billy Bob Thornton could step in to the role of a drunken misogynistic Santa Claus.  There’s no doubt that this will be a cult Christmas hit for years to comes.

Poster shows a big X, within which are the faces of the film's main characters, and in the center the film's name.

6.  X-2: X-Men United

Comic book films have firmly found their place thanks to tremendous special effects, and important geek film makers investing their time in them.  This is easily one of the best, and one-ups the original by a hair.

5.  Oldboy

A tragic tale of vengeance.  Chan Wook-Park is a master of the vengeance genre.  This one will have you guessing the whole way. Easily the most original film of the year.

4.  Touching the Void

One of the truly great documentaries I’ve ever seen.  It is an amazing story of perseverance and courage

3.  Old School

Todd Phillips pretty much owns the comedy genre in my book.  This is an instant classic.  I couldn’t stop laughing from scene one.  I’m pretty sure everyone will see this at least a few times in their life.

2.  Lilya 4-Ever

This is one of those films you should see once, and will probably never want to see again.  It is a deeply disturbing and tragic tale of youth and hope lost.

1.  Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Peter Jackson caps off his trilogy in epic fashion.  It’s easily the best of the three, and worthy of every single bit of praise it is receiving.