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10 Best Films of 2002

10.  24 Hour Party People

This one caught be surprise.  I’ve always been a HUGE fan of New Order, but I didn’t really know that much surrounding the story of them, and of Factory Records in the late 70’s and 80’s.  A great bio-pic of that era.

9.  Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

George Clooney’s directorial debut is the interesting tale of game show host Chuck Barris who also supposedly happened to be CIA assassin.  Entertaining and truly bizarre, but a well made film none the less.

8.  About A Boy

Hugh Grant shows he actually has range!  The film based off the book of the same by Nick Hornby also shows that American Pie’s Chris and Paul Weitz know how to direct a great film.

7.  Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Peter Jackson can do no wrong with what is fast proving to be one of the great trilogies of all time.  A near perfect film, but I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

6.  The Ring

2002 was a good year for horror.  This is one of the most original horror films I’ve seen, and they were smart to take the best of the original Japanese film and tweak it ever so slightly for American audiences. 

5.  Far From Heaven

Todd Haynes has become one of those directors that always makes a good film, but hasn’t made a great film…until now.  The tale of a gay man who has trouble coming to terms with who he is in the 1950’s.

28 Days Later... Poster

4.  28 Days Later

Great films are made by great directors, and I’m so happy that Danny Boyle stepped in to the horror genre.  This is one of the most interesting takes on the zombie apocalypse that I’ve seen.


3.  The Pianist

There’s no doubt that Adrien Brody gives a perfect performance here.  Polanski pulls it together to make one of his finest films of all time, and just when I thought he was done.

2.  Spider-Man

I hold this film dear to my heart because I was such a Spider-Man fan as a kid.  Sam Raimi knocked it out of the park here.  The best comic book film there is to date.

1.  25th Hour

Just when I though director Spike Lee had lost all his marbles he comes out with one of his best films.  A fantastic film about old friends told within the time frame of one last day.