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Tegan and Sara – Heartthrob

The teenage girl in me giggles and cries out every time Tegan and Sara release a new album…and Heartthrob is the giggliest of them all.  It’s an album that is born and bred in early 80’s teen-bop music ala Tiffany and Stacy Q, with a modern electro-vibe much like Brit darlings Robyn and Jessie Ware.

The duo are known for their quirky, and quick forray into love-torn acoustic popiness, but their prior effort Sainthood showed reflections of their former work, while also showing what they really want to become.  It made the album both a success, but also a little disappointing as well.

Tegan and Sara have been doing this a long time.  Heartthrob marks their seventh studio album and is easily their slickest, most focused, effort to date…and the girls are only 32.

The first single Closer sets the tone for everything to come.  You quickly realize this is an album about having fun, and making every single song a dance jam.  I’m Not Your Hero, Drive Me Wild, How Come You Don’t Want Me, I Couldn’t Be Your Friend, Love They Say are hit after hit.  Pure and easy.

There’s something simple and innocent about the songs they sing, but you can tap into something more meaningful.  I think that’s why they’ve been so successful over the years.  They’re smart here as well by only having 10 songs on the entire album.  There’s no fluff like we’ve seen from them in their past efforts.

The two are getting a lot of help here from well traversed producers, but I think they’ve finally found the confidence to stand firmly on their own two feet.  The production is A+ and makes these songs sound modern enough, and lovey-dovey enough without making them sound cheezy…and there’s nothing wrong with listening to cheezy pop-love songs FYI.

Tegan and Sara have more than cut their teeth and their music over the years and this is what they’ve been working towards.

Grade: A-