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My Bloody Valentine – mbv

Shades of blue with "mbv" written on topIt’s been over 20 years since Loveless entered the public consciousness, becoming one of the most influential alternative rock albums of all time.  It’s an album of sonic noise, basically creating the shoegaze movement that included bands like Ride, The Stone Roses, Sonic Youth and eventually led to bands like The Verve and Catherine Wheel.  A sonic wall of sound, against dreamy delayed melodies.  Loveless was an album that created an atmosphere, and almost entire other world.

The beginnings of mbv date back to recordings that began directly after Loveless ended.  Albums worth of material reportedly existed and then was dumped upon the bands demise.  The band quickly fell apart and become part of rock mythos.  You can still hear the same swirling, de-tuned guitars all throughout mbv, but it takes on a much darker tone throughout the course of the album.

At first I was kind of lost on the droning of songs like She Found Now, Wonder 2 and Nothing Is.  Songs that basically start nowhere and end nowhere, except for chaotic hypnotic noise….then again this is My Bloody Valentine.  The band isn’t really known for being conventional, but the album comes off more as a lump sum of b-sides at times.   If you listen to these songs more as the glue holding the rest of the album together then they work, but it’s hard for them to exist on their own.

They’re at their best on If I Am, New You, and In Another Way.  Three lush, opulent building songs that end up someplace way different than they began.  That’s always been the strength of My Bloody Valentine. To take you away on a strange journey of sound.  You need to invest yourself in their work.

For the most part mbv is plucked straight from 1991.  Even the recording techniques used are the exact same as that time and era.  All analog, straight to tape.  No digital recording.  It’s not an album that’s going to make you believe that My Bloody Valentine is back stronger than ever, and it’s hard to really try and place them in the context of new music today, because technically this isn’t new music.  What it is, is an album that is going to remind you of who they always were.

Grade: B