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Sound City – Real to Reel

Sound-City-poster.pngThis is an interesting review because it is a review for both the documentary and the music that came from the Dave Grohl inspired sessions on the Sound City board.  Sound City is a a studio that is as infamous as the music that it spit out over the course of decades, and as importantly the story of the Rupert Neve console used to record all those magical albums has to tell.

Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Nirvana, the list goes on and on of the classic architecture of sound that bled from that studio.  Alas all good things must come to an end, and when Dave Grohl found out that Sound City was closing its doors he set out to buy that infamous Rupert Neve console, and set it up in his own recording studio.  He also set out to not only make a documentary about that journey, interviewing everyone he could get his hands on, but also creating a soundtrack to the documentary, recorded by all those legends of rock.

Sound City is the best film I’ve seen all year, and yes I’ve been slacking this year, but I still think there is something magical about seeing all these amazing rock stars that have risen to the peak’s of rock n’ roll, talking about how low they really were.  Talking about how much effort they had to put in to making those epic records and music.  Talking about their stories. Talking about how they began.  Talking about Sound City.

Grohl directs the doc, honing in on the history of Sound City as any documentary can be told, but what he does that is truly unique is actually take all of these stars and walk them through their history.  He then gets them to re-live that history with him by recording a unique soundtrack on the very board the cut all their famous tracks on.

Dave Grohl is about as big a rock star as you could possibly ask for, and he also seems like one of the only rock stars that you could have a beer with and not think he’s a pretentious fucking asshole.   He is the epitomy of grounded and genius at the same time, and he’s made one hell of a movie, and one hell of an album here.  That’s the true story of Sound City.

Grade: A

Soundtrack: B+