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The Editors – The Weight of Your Love

Halfway into the new Editors album, The Weight of Your Love, I begin to wonder…where have the Editors gone?  In 2009 they took a drastic direction with In This Light and in This Evening, attempting to become more Joy Division than anyone really wanted. Completely stepping away from the sound that made them AMAZING on their first two albums.

Their new release shows them trying to over-correct that mistake by trying way too hard to sell records, by trying to pretend they can write ballads and alt/pop music.  This is a miss-mash of what sounds like bad U2 meets Muse at times, with boredom thrown in the mix.

The first single A Ton of Love, shows promise and is easily the best track on the album.  The problem is that you get right away that the band is playing it safe, and is afraid to fall again.  It’s a great song, but it doesn’t sound like the Editors.  Sugar is a blatant Muse rip-off with it’s distorted Hysteria-esque bass-line.  Good luck trying to digest the over-blown strings on What is This Thing Called Love and Formaldehyde and Hyena deserve an automatic skip.

Phone Book is the only other song on the album that I would say borderlines on great.   An almost country/western inspired ballad, stripped back to just let the music and lyrics speak for themselves. What I don’t understand is when you get flashes like this on the album, why can’t the whole album be this way?

The biggest problem with The Weight of Your Love is the Editors over-compensate by throwing everything and the kitchen song at it.  Over-producing and piling on every instrument and string they can get their hands on.  If the goal was to alienate their existing fan-base even further then they’ve achieved that.

Grade: D+