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10 Best Films of 2001

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10. A.I.

Stanley Kubrick’s vision lives on one last time.  Spielberg does his best to channel the greatest director of all time and he does one hell of a job here.  A little heavy handed in the end, but an amazing visual film.

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9. Black Hawk Down

Ridley Scott turns out hit after hit.  The guy can do no wrong.  An amazing modern day war film.

A young girl dressed in work clothes is standing in front of an image containing a group of pigs and the city behind her. Text below reveal the title and film credits, with the tagline to the girl's right.

8. Spirited Away

Truly one of the great animated films of all time.  I’m a sucker for epic children’s fairytales and fantasy films and this is one of the best ever.

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7. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

I thought I would never see an adaption of these books come to the big screen, and I definitely never thought I would see it done so well.  This is the beginning of what will become one of the most epic trilogies of all time.

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6. The Royal Tenenbaums

Director Wes Anderson is hitting full stride with this tale of one of the most messed up families ever.  A fantastic cast of characters all works together to make this one of the best of the year.


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5. Vanilla Sky

Pretty sure I’m one of the only people that really loved Cameron Crowe’s tale of vanity and media culture.  Cruise is pretty much great in everything and this is no exception.


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4. Donnie Darko

One of the most original science fiction films dealing with time travel and wormholes I’ve seen in a long time.  This is a cult classic that will live on for years to come.

In the Bedroom Theatrical Poster, 2001.jpg

3. In the Bedroom

A tragic tale of loss and vengeance.  The film grips you and digs in.  Unbelievable performances make this film shine.

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2. Mulholland Drive

I must admit, at first I was quite lost on David Lynch’s surreal film of Hollywood hopes and dreams and burning desires.  It took me another viewing to fully grasp the entire idea of his film.  No one does movies like him.

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1. Amelie

A visual masterpiece.  Jeunet has become one of my favorite directors of all time, and he tell a sweet story about a girl Amelie and about all the small things that make life beautiful.