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Dark Circles

Dark Circles.jpgI’ve said this I don’t know how many times now, but the horror genre has been beaten to death.  It’s verrryyyy hard to come up with an original idea in that space, but sometimes you don’t really need an original,/ground-breaking idea to be a good horror film.  Sometimes you just need something to make you jump.  Dark Circles will make you jump more than once, and scare the hell out of you too.

Johnathon Schaech and Pell James play husband and wife Alex and Penny. Alex is a musician in New Orleans and gives up the excitement  life in the city, so that Penny and his newborn child can enjoy peace and quiet in the suburbs (sounds like the worst horror film ever already, I know!)

They get a great deal on their home but soon realize why.  Another home is being built from scratch right next door.  So much for peace and quiet.  With the baby crying all night, and the construction going all day, Alex and Penny are having a hard time getting any sleep at all.  This sleep deprivation drives the majority of the film as they both begin to wear on each other’s nerves, and also begin seeing things in the house.  It’s a great plot device that keeps the film going.

They begin believing they are seeing a woman in the house in mirrors, and around corners, and hiding outside at night.  They chalk this up to losing sleep until Penny is convinced that the woman is real, and that the woman wants her baby.

The film is directed by Paul Soter who is most well known for his involvement with the Broken Lizard club and Super Troopers.  I can tell you this much there’s nothing humorous about Dark Circles, and Soter does a great job of keeping things feeling very tense and ramping that up little by little.

I hope to see more horror films like this come out lately (The Conjuring is a prime example of this as well).  Horror films that are worried less about the surprise twists and turns, and care more about the basics that all horror films have been built on.  To just be down right scary.

Grade: B